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About Us

"The Prophet (S.A.W.) said: Everyone who wants the world and the hereafter should perform   Hajj rituals."

The task of performing Hajj in such times as present is no easy a task. For making it a spiritual journey, Manazil Chattha aims to make things simple making it one memorable trip.

At Manazil Chattha, we feel honored to be the only company in Pakistan that is not only the most reliable but also the most innovative in terms of providing Hajj, Umrah and travel services.

Being one of the best travel agencies, Manazil Chattha has been shaping unforgettable and outstanding Hajj and Umrah experiences for its esteemed clients for over ten years now.

Our high quality services are delivered at much affordable and reasonable prices. We make sure that your requirements are not only acknowledged but are also carried out with honesty and full zeal.

Manazil Chattha has gained its clients’ trust over the ten years since 2003 by providing services that are worth being remembered forever. We handle, not only the individual, but also the group based trips.

Mushtaq-e-Qoa-Madina performs travel services for you in an even better way than it always has. We provide Hajj and Umrah packages to people who are desirous of making a comfortable and economical trip.

We make your journeys and the complete travel program comfortable at a fair and reasonable price. Our most pioneering and effective services will never let you regret for making us your first choice.

All our staff makes best efforts in providing you with maximum benefits and a completely worry free journey. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything but your great prayers and worship before our Creator and His Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
What is it that makes Manazil Chattha the best?

•  Through our technology innovation we make our services much efficient.

•  Devoted Team with skills and knowledge designs a very comfortable journey and memorable experience

•  Our Online and Onsite Staff members are highly trained and qualified to serve the guests at best.